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Digital PBX / Hybrid IP PBX
Versatile Call Systems
  Voice Mail (VM)
  Analog Phones
Built-In Voice Mail Card
Basic 2,000 hours of voice capacity.
Including Voice Mail, auto-attendant and multistage directory.
Max. Support 8 companies’ auto-attendants, you can direct calls to a different call menu based on the inbound number and each company has individual announcement, operator, extension and time setting.
Total 4 levels 820 sections of multistage directories; enable to assign inquiry extension for each level.
Max. Support 5 languages
Web Control Panel by LAN/PC to remote control the VM program/ copy / backup/ record/playback
Avoid the data divulgence risk – Store the voice messages store by encryption format.
  Built-in VM card
  UD-2100 UD-60 ISDK-26 / 56 UD-F
1016 / 1232
Model No. VM802 VM402 VM402
Ports 8 4 4
Voice Capacity (hours) 2,000 2,000 2,000
Max. Voice Mail box 999 999 999
Max. Expanding Card VM-4B (4ports/pc) 2pcs (8ports) 1pc (4ports) 1pc (4ports)
Max. recording time per mail box (sec.) 250s 250s 250s
Max. support language 5 5 5
By LAN/PC to remote control the VM program/ copy / backup/ record/playback
Voice Mail Features  
Alarm schedule Enable the multilingual service for private mail box
Auto-play the storage time/data of voice message Private extension name/ring/ greeting record
Auto timing / manual event page(broadcast) Retrieve message by office phone, dial in remotely or listen via our web control panel
Auto/manual two-way sync sound Voicemail notify
Call monitoring    
Jointly voice mail / Fictitious extension    
Auto-attendant Features  
Greeting (backup, record, playback) VM program (backup, inquiry, revise)
Private mail box program (backup, inquiry, revise) Upgrade VM software remotely
Private mail box (backup, playback)    
Web Control Panel Features  
8 groups each of operator for Day/ Noon/ Night/ Noon Default fixed basic announcement
4 groups of operator for special event Each phrase of announcement is programmable
10 groups are programmed for the first digit of invalid extension number Enable to restrict to dial extension number during off-duty time
100 groups of manager station Keep voice & program data over 10 years after power failure
100 groups of secretary station Multiple Auto-Attendants (Max. 8 Companies)
Announcement for camp-on Programmable inquiry code
Announcement for dialling reminded Programmable operator code
Announcement for extension on no-answer status Programmable second language code
Announcement for extension on busy status Programmable transfer mode while extension on-busy
Announcement for inquiry Programmable transfer mode while extension no-answer
Announcement for invalid extension number programmable transfer mode while operator on-busy
Announcement for operator on no-answer status programmable transfer mode while operator no-answer
Announcement for operator on busy status Receive signal during voice playing
Announcement for special event Record each phrase of announcement flexibly
Automatic/ Manual/ Mixed/ Day/ Noon/ Night Transfer Remote control for program/ record/ copy
CO line busy-tone detecting Save voice & copy in digital way
Day/ Noon/ Night Time Transfer    
Default bilingual voice announce (English/Chinese)    
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