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Digital PBX / Hybrid IP PBX
Versatile Call Systems
System Specification System Configuration Available keyphone set
Certificate Key Feature  
UD-2100 Series
Digital PBX / Hybrid IP PBX
UD-2100 KSU
Capacity CO+Station (Max) 162 190 274 420 548
CO (Basic/Max) 0/72 0/112 0/136 0/208 0/272
Digital Key Phone
2/162 2/178 2/274 2/420 2/548
Single Line Phone
0/144 0/184 0/272 0/416 0/544
1 BRI = 2 CO lines
72 112 136 136 136
1 PRI = 30 CO lines
1 1 2 2 2
T1/E1 (Max.)
1 1 2 2 2
VoIP channels 64
DSS Console Max. 24 units
Voice Mail Card
Basic:4 ports
Available expanded ports: 4 ports,Max.capacity: 8 ports
KSU Power Source AC 100V~240V 50/60 Hz
Output Power
280W 280W 280W×2 280W×3 280W×4
External Backup
24V / 4∼50AH 24V / 4∼50AH 24V / 7∼100AH 24V / 7∼150AH 24V / 7∼200AH
Charge Current
1A 1A 2A 3A 4A
Dimension (mm) 500×305×455 500×305×855 500×305×855 500×305×1255 500×305×1655
Weight (kg) 22 Kg 40 Kg 40 Kg 58 Kg 76 Kg
All ISDK/ UD/ UD-F/ UKT/ USK series keyphone set are compatible with this system. For details, please switch to “keyphones”.
Built-In VoIP Interface (S/T) (Option)
Uniphone innovative built-in VoIP card is complete different from the gateway card – the installation of complete built-in VoIP card should be only occupied the slot but not occupied the trunk line or single line. VoIP trunk mode allows connecting with VoIP trunk and VoIP station mode enables to integrate with another Uniphone Hybrid IP PBX as the extension PBX.
For multi-site offices or chain stores user, it’s same as communicating with an internal extension- pressing the extension number whatever you want to call/answer another site of extension, moreover, you may even page another site (in different city/country) of extension!
Built-In ISDN-BRI Interface (S0/T0) (Option)
The ISDN-BRI interface can be connected with digital CO line (T0) or Station (S0). It also provides the ISDN supplementary service functions such as MSN/DDI, Caller ID, CLIP/R, COLP/R, En-Bloc/ Overlap, AOC, etc.
Built-In ISDN-PRI Interface (E1/T1) (Option)
The ISDN-PRI interface can be connected with digital CO line E1 (European standard, Max. 30B+D) or T1 (USA, Max. 23B+D). It provides the ISDN supplementary service functions such as MSN/DDI, Caller ID, CLIP/R, COLP/R, En-Bloc/ Overlap, AOC, etc.
Built-In Voice Mail Interface / Automatic Attendant (Option)
The built-in voice-mail ensures the enterprise catch any important call – your customer may leave the message while you are not available to answer the phone. The multi-level greeting (automatic attendant feature) provide caller an option - to reach the right extension without operator’s assistance.
ACD (Average Call Distribution) / UCD (Uniformly Call Distribution)
ACD enable system to distribute the incoming calls equalize to a group of extensions that may share the operator load uniformly. Utilize this feature, the enterprise may allocate the staff productivity of call-center equalized.
Account Code
Account-code enables the enterprise to allocate costs back to divisions, departments and even individual employee; moreover, it also provides the party/mobile working place to share the individual call-cost fairly. Application for service billing, departmental & employee chargeback, cost & revenue optimization or enhance the staff productivity of the call-center.
LCR (Least Cost Route) / ARS (Automatic Route Selection)
LCR/ARS provides the enterprise enhance the call-work efficiency and reduce the call-cost optimized - not only able to selecting the cheapest telecom carrier but also able to select the telecom discount time. 9 groups 400 sets of LCR telephone numbers will proceed to the cheapest telecom route perfect.
Call Barring
Call Barring provides user only accept the allowed list of inbound call or reject the prohibited list call or both conditions. When an incoming call from the prohibited list, the caller doesn’t know it was rejected but only hear the busy tone.
Call Restriction
Call Restriction enable to avoid the restricting extensions to make the long-distance/international call. 8 different COS of outward dialing restriction can be programmed for each individual extension.
Call Queuing
Annoy by keeping call an extremely busy extension or trunk line? Call Queuing sets you free from non-stop trying & waiting. Pressing the queuing key to reserve the busy extension/ trunk line and it will ring the queuing extension as soon as it’s available.
Call Forwarding
Call Forwarding provides more complete service to treat any call – Busy/ No answer/ Follow Me forwarding will transfer your call to mobile phone or other extension you assigned.
Installing the optional Caller-ID card, the user will be able to see the caller’s number before answer it. Except of displaying the caller’s number, it provides value-added service such as DDI, Caller-ID filter, phone book and Call Barring.
Flexible Station Number Plan (1-8 digits)
It is popularly demanded for school, Hotel, Dormitory, Factory, Institution and General Small/Medium Business.
Flexible Function Keys
The flexible function keys can be assigned flexibly for CO line keys/ DSS keys/ frequently used function keys by one-touch dialing for your special needs.
Remote Programming
You can make the programming for remote KSU by your display key telephone set through CO line without going to the user’s places.
Ringing Tone Identification
Programmable ringing tone enables to distinguish different trunk line or particular extension.
Electric Door Lock Control with Detective LED for Gate Security
Installed with an optional Doorphone voice card, the user can speak with the visitor through key telephone and open the electric door lock by pressing “#” key. If the visitor doesn’t close the electric door, the Red LED will be flashing to indicate on the programmed function key to alert user close the door.
Hotel Feature
Provide optional RS-232 interface to send “Check In”, “Check Out”, “Morning Call”, “Emergency” command to PBX. Also it can be compatible with PC metering software & SMDR unit.
2 Wires Twist Connection (2B+2D)
Full digital design is connected by two wires. Very easy to be installed in shorter time and take less cable material.
Please contact us if you need the feature list.
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